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ATTENTION: I have found something out that I thought I was the only MUA having an issue with.. (I don’t normally post photos that aren’t mine, but this is an emergency!)

Makeup Forever’s HD Setting powder, I have worked with this since it was first released and I LOVE it. Issue though? It becomes HIGHLY reflective when faced with a head on flash.. SO no worries when you are at a photo shoot and it happens to you. Just dust it off and use another powder.

I STILL LOVE THIS PRODUCT: It does fantastic things for the setting of makeup, especially concealer and grease paint. Case in point - Amazing concealer can get quite thick, don’t get me wrong its AMAZING, but it moves if you do not set it. It is so thick though that if you do set it with a normal powder it will cake and oxidize. NO GOOD, soultion? Makeup Forever HD powder :)

Just be careful that your client isn’t going to be going in front of the paparazzi.. And if they are and you are using it? Make sure to give them my name so they can call me when they unfairly blame you for the white under their eyes ;)

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